Tankless heater

We can install a tankless heater at your home in Cincinnati, OH

Tankless water heaters are fast becoming the first choice for more and more people as opposed to traditional water tanks. There is a good reason behind this popularity too. Tankless heaters can save you on the costs incurred by standby energy. Tankless heaters use gas or electricity to provide hot water on demand, only when you need it. To benefit from these features and more, call on Midwestern Plumbing, we can install a tankless heater at your home, servicing Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky. Tankless heaters typically last about twice as long as standard heaters. You may also qualify for a $300 energy rebate, saving you even more.
We can come to you in Cincinnati, OH or Northern Kentucky offering prompt service. No one knows tankless heaters better than we do, so contact us today and receive a free estimate for your tankless heater.

Installation, maintenance and repairs

Our team can come to your property, whether in Cincinnati, OH or Northern Kentucky, to determine the right option for you.
Once this has been done we will customize a tankless heater system to fit your needs and budget. Your project will be supervised from consultation to cleanup to ensure your complete satisfaction with the process. Best of all, our plumbing contractors will work around your schedule to ensure it’s convenient for you. We can install, maintain and repair a wide variety of tankless heaters, including:
  • Baseboard heaters 
  • Instant heaters 
  • Hydronic heaters 
  • Infrared heaters
We also offer a vast selection of some of the best brands of tankless heaters including:
  • Aquastar 
  • Bosch 
  • Rinnai
Contact us for a free estimate
A tankless heater in Cincinnati, OH

Energy efficient solution

The team from Midwestern Plumbing can come to you and professionally install a tankless heater ensuring optimal energy efficiency for you. We use state-of-the art technology and have an expert staff of plumbing, electrical and HVAC specialists who have the tools to tackle any job. Thanks to our relationships with top manufacturers, we also offer unbeatable prices on all parts and labor.
While we specialize in installing residential tankless heaters, we can also install a tankless heater in garages, poolhouses, hot tubs and outdoor sinks.
Whether for residential or commercial applications, you can count on us in Cincinnati, OH or Northern Kentucky to save energy and save you money which in turn helps the environment.
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